Unsure of your ring size? Allow us to assist you! Here's what you'll require: a thread or thin strip of paper, a ruler, and a pen. Follow these steps to measure accurately: wrap the thread or paper around your finger and mark where it meets with a pen. Measure the length using a ruler. Voila! You now know the circumference of your ring. Utilize the chart provided below to determine your appropriate ring size.

Ring size chart

Circumference (mm)IndianUS/CAUK/AU
4332 1/2E
4443F 1/2
4553 1/4G
4663 3/4H
4774H 1/2
4884 1/2I 1/2
4995J 1/2
50105 1/2K
51115 3/4L
52126L 1/2
53136 1/2M 1/2
54147N 1/2
55157 1/4O
56167 1/2P
57178P 1/2
58188 1/2Q 1/2
59198 3/4R
61219 1/2S 1/2

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